Friday, May 4, 2012

Finals week...

Well I have been a lump on a log this week as far as working out goes. Worked out 2 times this week and that is it. I have been studying for my final exam and writing papers. This weekend I am going to bite the bullet and do my measurements again.  I haven't done them in nearly 5 weeks, I hope to see the numbers go down. I hit a plateau for the last 3 weeks, no pounds lost. Well this week I jumped on the scale just to see where I was at since I have been slacking on my workouts, and I was down 4.4 pounds!! I have been sticking to my diet and my appetite has been nearly non existent.  I have been eating 2 scrambled eggs, with cheese, Canadian bacon and spinach mixed in for breakfast, some kind of salad for lunch, Greek yogurt for snack and protein and carrots for dinner. My water intake could be better too, still working on that one. I hope that I don't have a sudden gain on Sunday and gain the 4 lbs back.
TOM is coming to town soon, I was able to avoid the bloat last month and not gain anything. I hope to repeat that this month as well. I will post my results on Sunday, here's to hoping for LOW numbers! I will post new pics too, I haven't updated them in a while.


  1. Yay! That's a great loss! I'm happy for you. Isn't it nice when eating healthy becomes a habit. I fell out of the habit over this last couple of weeks. I've got to pick myself up again. I'll work on the food thing if you pick up the work out thing. heh.

  2. Congrats on your loss! I look forward to seeing your new pics.

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