Monday, April 23, 2012

whoa there...

Well I did 3 workouts last Tuesday and during my dance class that day, I injured my big toe. Well I took the rest of the week off from physical activity to let it heal. I was planning on getting back into the workouts this morning, BUT my house was so hot last night I could not sleep until 4 AM! I was so tired when I got up at 6:30 to take the girls to school that I came back home and slept from 8 to 11; I really needed it, I am still super tired though.
Last weekend was also my 12th anniversary. SoOo, I went out to dinner and grabbed some McDonalds for lunch one day. I went with healthier options, but still went over my calorie limit for those days. Even with working out and cheating on my diet, I didn't gain anything this week. Phew!
So my goal for this week is to find a way to cool off my house so I can get some sleep tonight, get up early enough to not only get my workout in, but to make my dinners and lunches for the week. It prevents the fast food and what not. Also, pounding the waters! With the higher temps, I can feel my self getting dehydrated.
I am glad I took a little vacation form the workouts, for the first time in 5 weeks I do not have any sore muscles.
***I did mow my lawn for an hour yesterday, I will gladly count that as a workout! I was sweating buckets and a lot of upper body work to dump all the grass and push the mower around. Every little bit counts right!

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  1. Wahoo for accountability! I'm glad you're not glossing over some of the nitty gritty food stuff. You'll be back to your routine in no time. :)

    And yes... mowing the lawn counts as working out. heh.