Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 4 and some thoughts

Well this is supposed to be my last week of Phase 1 of the program, my husband was watching me do my workout the other day and he suggested that I repeat phase 1 before moving on to phase 2. The reason for this is that he noticed that I am struggling on my form and balance. I am also not doing as many reps as the people in the video. Should I perfect the base workouts before moving on? Should I move on and just do the workouts the best I can, even if I am not doing them as well as I should? I am not sure what to do on this. I posted this same question on you tube and I was told to move on to phase 2 and just do what I can. I do not like only doing half of the workout, it feels like I am not getting my full benefit that way.
Still going good on the diet, I must have a very slow metabolism. I noticed that it takes 2 or 3 days for foods I eat to catch up with me. I could go into detail, but I won't. Just noticing that it takes 2 days after eating corn, for example, to make an appearance.  I wonder if that is normal, it didn't used to be like that when I was eating like crap all the time.
TOM finally left town, so I am curious to see if I got the normal 3 to 5 lb weight gain that I usually get. I have felt a little bloated but not too bad. I had a terrible headache yesterday, so I did not really stick to my diet plan. I just ate what was quick and easy. Some left over potatoes for breakfast, ricotta cheese and nuts for lunch and hamburgers and tater tots for dinner. I went over my calories a bit, but I still got a workout in before bed and I did the "power stretch" afterward. I feel sore today, but not terribly. Well I will be anxiously waiting for your response, I don't trust you tube comments as much as I like the comments from my blog.


  1. Personally I think form is important and would stay on Phase 1 as your husband suggested until you can keep up and do the moves with good form. Phase 2 will just be harder and you may get discouraged. I would go for mastery of each level. Time is not the important thing - getting in your workouts is the important thing regardless of the Phase.

  2. If phase one is still a challenge, Do it again. But I wouldn't repeat it a third time.

  3. I would agree with the above comments and repeat phase one. You want to be able to do the full work out properly before moving on to the next phase.