Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good bye dance class!

I had the last session of class for my beginning dance class this afternoon. I enjoyed the class, but I am happy to have it done with. I was getting very sore heels from jumping and leaping barefoot on a hardwood floor.  I did get some of the best stretches I have ever had. I will continue to use my daily stretch DVD in place of the dance class. Big changes coming soon to my work/school schedule. It will make things a little easier for me. I won't be getting home quite as late and I will be doing 2 classes at a time rather than 3.
Doing good on workouts and dieting this week. Back on the band wagon and ready to see some results.  I hope I can report a loss of either inches or pounds next week. As a non-scale victory, my wedding ring is getting too big for me. I had it taken out after my second child was born and it is getting big enough I do not want it to fall off my finger! I don't want to rush into getting it re sized just yet since this is only the beginning of my journey, but it is still pretty exciting!

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