Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good bye dance class!

I had the last session of class for my beginning dance class this afternoon. I enjoyed the class, but I am happy to have it done with. I was getting very sore heels from jumping and leaping barefoot on a hardwood floor.  I did get some of the best stretches I have ever had. I will continue to use my daily stretch DVD in place of the dance class. Big changes coming soon to my work/school schedule. It will make things a little easier for me. I won't be getting home quite as late and I will be doing 2 classes at a time rather than 3.
Doing good on workouts and dieting this week. Back on the band wagon and ready to see some results.  I hope I can report a loss of either inches or pounds next week. As a non-scale victory, my wedding ring is getting too big for me. I had it taken out after my second child was born and it is getting big enough I do not want it to fall off my finger! I don't want to rush into getting it re sized just yet since this is only the beginning of my journey, but it is still pretty exciting!

Monday, April 23, 2012

whoa there...

Well I did 3 workouts last Tuesday and during my dance class that day, I injured my big toe. Well I took the rest of the week off from physical activity to let it heal. I was planning on getting back into the workouts this morning, BUT my house was so hot last night I could not sleep until 4 AM! I was so tired when I got up at 6:30 to take the girls to school that I came back home and slept from 8 to 11; I really needed it, I am still super tired though.
Last weekend was also my 12th anniversary. SoOo, I went out to dinner and grabbed some McDonalds for lunch one day. I went with healthier options, but still went over my calorie limit for those days. Even with working out and cheating on my diet, I didn't gain anything this week. Phew!
So my goal for this week is to find a way to cool off my house so I can get some sleep tonight, get up early enough to not only get my workout in, but to make my dinners and lunches for the week. It prevents the fast food and what not. Also, pounding the waters! With the higher temps, I can feel my self getting dehydrated.
I am glad I took a little vacation form the workouts, for the first time in 5 weeks I do not have any sore muscles.
***I did mow my lawn for an hour yesterday, I will gladly count that as a workout! I was sweating buckets and a lot of upper body work to dump all the grass and push the mower around. Every little bit counts right!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pete and Repeat were in a boat....

and Pete fell out, who is left? Well, I have decided to do Phase 1 again, thanks to all of your advice and comments. Thank you all for your input.  It will work out really well with my work/school schedule to do it that way also. Instead of doing workouts 1 and 2 for the first 2 weeks and then workouts 3 and 4 for the last 2 weeks, I am going to do all 4 workouts every week, for 4 weeks. That way I will be doing a different one every day and I will get a good variety of exercises. I did not lose anything this week. I was so disappointed that I did not do my measurements either. At least I did not gain though, so that is good I guess. I did stray from the diet plan a bit, but I didn't think it was that bad. So this week I am really going to cut down on calories, dairy, and fat.
Still struggling with water intake too. Just can't seem to get it down. I think that has been an issue for me all of my life. I just don't like drinking water. Going to try and do the 1 cup per hour thing again, maybe the smaller amounts will help get more in me.
I have been extra stressed this past week too. School is nearing finals and I need to wrap up a few projects, work will be shifting gears to head into summer semester, and I have been battling grief all last week. Well this week too, for that matter. I just can't get enough restful sleep and I think that has played a factor in my weight loss too. I go to the doc for my yearly check up on Thursday. I do not remember what I weighed that last time I was in. I am pretty sure I have lost around 15 pounds since then, I will ask the nurse when I go in. Maybe that will be somewhat of a motivator also.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 4 and some thoughts

Well this is supposed to be my last week of Phase 1 of the program, my husband was watching me do my workout the other day and he suggested that I repeat phase 1 before moving on to phase 2. The reason for this is that he noticed that I am struggling on my form and balance. I am also not doing as many reps as the people in the video. Should I perfect the base workouts before moving on? Should I move on and just do the workouts the best I can, even if I am not doing them as well as I should? I am not sure what to do on this. I posted this same question on you tube and I was told to move on to phase 2 and just do what I can. I do not like only doing half of the workout, it feels like I am not getting my full benefit that way.
Still going good on the diet, I must have a very slow metabolism. I noticed that it takes 2 or 3 days for foods I eat to catch up with me. I could go into detail, but I won't. Just noticing that it takes 2 days after eating corn, for example, to make an appearance.  I wonder if that is normal, it didn't used to be like that when I was eating like crap all the time.
TOM finally left town, so I am curious to see if I got the normal 3 to 5 lb weight gain that I usually get. I have felt a little bloated but not too bad. I had a terrible headache yesterday, so I did not really stick to my diet plan. I just ate what was quick and easy. Some left over potatoes for breakfast, ricotta cheese and nuts for lunch and hamburgers and tater tots for dinner. I went over my calories a bit, but I still got a workout in before bed and I did the "power stretch" afterward. I feel sore today, but not terribly. Well I will be anxiously waiting for your response, I don't trust you tube comments as much as I like the comments from my blog.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 4 update

Week 4 is well underway. I did a full body stretch workout before workout 3 yesterday. I think it really helped. I thought I might be pushing myself a little too hard, I was having some pain in my right quad, I did the stretches and the pain went away completely. So I am going to continue doing the stretch DVD before the workouts. There is also a night time stretch that I am going to do tonight before I go to bed. I have a lot of stress and emotional stuff going on right now and I think that will help me relieve some of it.
I had to go to a funeral for a friend today. He was 1 day short of turning 40 when he passed. It was a very difficult service to be a part of. He has 3 young children and a wife he left behind. Due to that, I missed my workout this morning, but I will pick up again tomorrow. It is odd how emotions can drain your body so much; I am exhausted.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 3 wrap up and Week 4 Day 1

Well the weekend was not exactly optimal conditions for good eating and working out. Saturday, I found out a friend of mine passed away. I was so sad, I am still sad, but I drank a beer and went out to dinner with a friend to sort out my grief. Then Sunday was weigh in day, even though I missed 2 workouts last week, I lost 2.6 lbs. That brings my total loss to 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I did not lose any more inches this week, but TOM showed up today, so I expect my weight to be a little off this week. I was naughty and cheated a bit on Easter Sunday too. I had some Easter candy and went to my in laws' for dinner. It was good, but I kept my portions under control at least.
I started off fresh this morning and did workout 4 rather than workout 3, since that is the one I missed last week. I am just going to flip slop the workouts for this week so my muscles get worked evenly. My diet has been good today. I am cleaning up the last of my leftovers from last week. Gotta use it all up! I would love to be able to lose 4 pounds this week, that would put me at a 12 lbs loss for phase 1 of the program. I think I can do it if I stay on track all week.
My friend's funeral is Wednesday, it will be a rough one. He was too young to die with 3 young kids, ages 13, 8, and 1. He did not take good care of himself and he was overweight and that led to other health problems. It really puts things into perspective for me and why it is so important to take care of yourself. The body can only handle so much abuse before it fails.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 3 Day 4

I did workout 3 today for my second time today. I am pleased to say my performance improved greatly. I was able to do all of the moves, not all of the reps, but at least I got the moves down.  I also increased my weights from 3 to 5 lbs. I felt like my shoulders might rip off off my body at one point! Next time I get to do workout 3, I will keep the 5 lb weights and do all of the reps!
I feel myself getting stronger each time and my desire to cheat on my diet it fading away. Instead of craving junk food or sweets, I find myself craving water, cheese or milk. I feel a lot better about grabbing a cheese stick than a candy bar.  I am learning to listen to my body better too. I was really run down and tired yesterday morning. I skipped my cardio workout and took it to work with me. I had intentions of sneaking it in at the office or at the least when I got home from work. It didn't happen, I was so tired by the time I went home I just went to bed. I woke up this morning refreshed and really kicked ass on today's workout. I believe that my muscles needed a rest and I performed better because of it.
I also did my dance class today. It was a lot of stretching on the fitness ball. It felt wonderful, I never wanted the class to end. I am going to miss that class when the semester is over in 3 weeks.
My diet has been pretty dang good today too! I had eggs, a small bit of cheese, potatoes, and a slice of bacon scrambled together. Portion size was ideal and it gave me a ton of energy for my workout. Lunch and snack was homemade veggie soup. It is 200 cals for a 1 1/2 cup serving. Yummo! Dinner is another turkey burger with roasted veggies. (One of my favorites)  Water intake is up today and my attitude is upbeat.
I am a bit nervous for TOM (Time Of Month) I normally gain 5 lbs of water weight and I swell up like a balloon. I take water pills just to fit into my shoes, now that my diet has improved I am curious to see if I get the same symptoms.
My you tubers are really falling off the wagon, I can tell when they stop posting videos. I understand why they give up, I have done it many times myself.  But not this time, I want it much more than ever before. For the first time, my head is in the right place. I wanted to give a shout out to my girl Nanette, she is such a great example for me and a good friend.  Love ya, lady!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 3 Day 2

Today was workout 4 and my dance class. Workout 4 was a lot of weights but easier than workout 3, that is certain. I was happy that we did a lot of stretching in dance class. It made me realize this class is over in 4 weeks and I am going to need a good stretch after all of this working out. So I went on to collage and ordered a DVD. It is called AM PM Full Body Stretch, it had great reviews. I think my husband and daughters could also benefit from using it. My girls love to workout with me but the JMBR is too hard for my 5 year old and my 8 year old wears out a quarter of the way through it.
Since my husband recently had back surgery, he will be doing a month of physical therapy in about 3 weeks. Some light stretching will help him get back into shape. He has been very limited in mobility since January and he is not due to return to work until June. So that will be approximately 6 months of his muscles withering away.
My diet has been great this week, sticking to the kick start plan.  I like the meals better and I really want to lose another 12 lbs in the next 2 weeks. That would put me down 20 lbs before I start phase 2 of the plan. I noticed that one of the 4 you tubers I watch doing this plan has quit and the other has not posted any videos in 4 days. The only one still going strong is my girl, carlys32! She is doing better on the meal plan than I am, but her weight loss has dropped of quite a bit. it makes me work harder because I don't want that to happen to me!
Water intake was crap today, will do better tomorrow hopefully.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 2 Wrap Up and Week 3 day 1

Well I am onto Week 3, I am excited to report my weigh in results for week 2.  No lbs lost, but another 6 inches down. Total for the first 2 weeks is 7 lbs and 16.5 inches.  I freely admit that my water intake and diet were not what I had hoped for last week. At least I didn't gain, I consider myself lucky for that.
For week 3, I am going with pretty much the same diet plan as the kick start week. Eggs, asparagus and Canadian bacon for breakfast, veggie soup and 1 chicken tenderloin for lunch, Greek yogurt for a snack and back to turkey burgers for dinner with roasted veggies. It is more strict than what I did last week, but i read that phase one can shed up to 20 lbs, so I want to get close to that.
I am so freaking' excited about losing inches and a pant size I can hardly take it! It is more than enough motivation to continue and stay true to the diet. I also noticed walking to class is easier and I can feel muscle definition in my shoulders and upper back.
Workout 3 kicked my butt today though, looking forward to what workout 4 brings tomorrow. I am also back to working out in the morning after i take the girls to school. I prefer to workout in the morning, sets the mood for the day for me.