Friday, March 30, 2012

Had better days...

Well I had a terrible day yesterday. I ended up going to bed early and I didn't do my workout yesterday. I didn't even eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning. I ate a sandwich for lunch. Water intake was not great either. Yesterday was an all around fail from about 4:00pm--on. I am going to do a workout today and tomorrow and rest on Sunday and hopefully the weigh in on Sunday won't be a gain.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Week 2 update

Well I haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I would give a little update as to how my week is going so far. I am still on track with my workouts. It is a little bit harder to do them in the morning since my shift changed at work. I am doing them at night and I certainly sleep better. I am also having a harder time sticking to the Fat Burning Meal Plan. My family does not like most of the dishes on the meal plan, although, I did get them to eat turkey burgers on whole wheat buns for dinner last night. Tonight, I will attempt Talapia and roasted veggies. My girls like fish so the hubs will be the difficult one to please. His doctor told me that he needs to improve his diet, so I always have that in my back pocket. I just need to keep the salt shaker out of reach.
Water intake is getting harder. I think it has to do with not working out in the morning. It seems like I drink more water when I start the day with a workout, if I do the workout at night I drink more water then and I have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom!
On a positive note, I can feel myself getting stronger. I am able to keep up with the reps on the workouts and I am able to work on my form rather than just keeping up. It is a nice feeling. I can feel my muscles taking shape beneath the layer of fat and I am into a smaller size pant. A size that I haven't been able to wear since last year. I am keeping my size 20 jeans though, that way I can stand in one pant leg for my People Magazine cover! HA!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, I have a few confessions to make. Turns out that I am human and I am not brimming with will power as I had hoped. I had a glass of wine Friday night, alcohol is not permitted on the diet, but I limited it to one glass and I enjoyed it. Saturday I gave in to temptation at the movies and had about 1 1/2 cups of popcorn in place of lunch. I had a fat/carb overload and it made me pretty sleepy so I ended up having a diet mt dew while I was making dinner. The meal I prepared was also off of the meal plan, but I had small portions. The calorie count was 400, same as what the meal plan suggests my dinner should be. My family did not want to eat what I had planned from the meal plan and I was too tired to cook separate meals.  Bad Bad girl!
Sunday was weigh in day. I am pleased to report a 7 lb loss for the week and a loss of 10 inches overall. I was happy with that! Jillian states that you can lose 1 dress size in a week on the kick start plan, well I am back into my pants I had just grown out of a month or so ago. So I guess she was right about that!
Sunday was a family potluck style BBQ, there wasn't a whole lot of meal plan friendly dishes there so I stuck with 1 boneless skinless chicken breast and the green salad that I brought for my dish. I was able to resist the fruit and deserts and had only water to drink.
So in review, I cheated at least once per day this weekend.  It may have hurt my weigh in results a touch, but overall I was still pleased.
My work schedule changed for this week only and I woke up late this morning, so I was not able to get my workout in for today yet. I will do that sometime between work and bedtime this evening.  I am able to go to the new meal plan this week so my diet will change a bit too. I had the Greek yogurt with almonds for breakfast.  It was quick and easy and I like the way it keeps me full for a long time. Lunch was my own recipe for chicken enchiladas. I took my husbands favorite recipe and used non or low fat items and whole grain tortillas. I logged the recipe on Fitness Pal and it is right around 400 calories per serving. Perfect for a lunch item in the fat burning meal plan. Snack will be the carrots and hummus and dinner will be chicken and spinach salad. Water intake is good so far.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 1 day 5

I finally strayed form the 7 day kick start diet plan. I don't want to admit that, but I need to be accountable right?  My husband got up with the kids this morning so that I could get some extra rest, but that did not give me a lot of time to get ready for work. I did manage to get my workout in and have a new breakfast option today. Spinach LEO, I will post in the recipes. It was hard to eat salmon and onions first thing in the morning. My stomach was not impressed, I have 2 more servings of it for Saturday and Sunday, I hope I can manage to eat it. Well by the time my workout was over, I had 15 minutes to get ready for work. I left in such a rush, I forgot to pack my lunch and snack for the day!!! So, trying to be good, I went to the local food court at the University I work at and tried to find something healthy. The selection was terrible! I settled for a spinach wrap with roast beef, Swiss cheese, cucumbers, lettuce and honey mustard. Well I took one bite and it was terrible! The cheese was imitation and the lettuce was wilted and the wrap was soggy. Yuk! I managed to take about 3 more bites before tossing it in the trash. I feel bad for wasting money and food, but most of all for not following the plan. I happen to have a Greek yogurt in the fridge at work for snack, that is on the diet plan but I do not have the pecans to go in it. I am having the steak and spinach salad for dinner. That is a lot of spinach in one day! I feel like Popeye, the sailor man!
Doing good on the water intake today, I had a nice big 20 oz water for lunch and that brings me up to 52 oz so far today.
I am hoping that I will get the chance to blog over the weekend, but I do not get on the laptop much at home. I prefer to spend that time with my daughters. I spend so much time away from them during the week that I do my best to spend every minute with them on weekends. They are 8 and nearly 6 years old and I want to cuddle them before it is "uncool" to snuggle with Mommy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 1 Day 4

I am tired, exhausted, and drained. I did my second workout 1 dvd for this week and I also did a 50 minute dance class today. The dance class was deep stretching rather than dancing and I was pleased since I was in need of a good stretch session after this week's workouts. Unfortunately I also had to work a 12 hour shift today on top of it. Honestly, I still have 2 hours left of work to go. My muscles feel depleted. I haven't been sleeping as much as I would like either. I get home from work around 10:30pm and I have to get up at 6:30 am to get my kids ready for school.  It would be nice if my husband could do this for me since he isn't working right now, but that is a whole other topic. I struggle to get to sleep after just getting home from work even though I am tired. Hopefully that will not be the case tonight.
As far as water intake goes, I am in the middle of my 5th 16oz water bottle today. I need to get at least one more after this one. I can tell my body is thirsty. Something that I didn't notice before. I just have a hard time drinking water, I am not a big fan, but it is the only thing I have had to drink all week. Pretty good since I have a raging soda addiction.
I had the eggs/asparagus breakfast again today. I scrambled the eggs this time instead, I like it that way better. I had the last salmon fillet today with a bag of 8 baby carrots, since I had the extra long shift I did not have time to make the citrus salad to go with it. Snack was greek yogurt and pecans and I am just getting ready to have the last turkey burger for the week.
I am terribly nervous for the weigh in on Sunday. I would LOVE to see a big loss, but in all my past efforts to lose weight I have gained rather than lost. If I did have a loss it was rapidly gained back the following week.  I guess I am just terrified of failing again. Just as I have for the last 14 years. I took a weight management class last year, it was 16 weeks long and we had to track our diets as a final project. I followed all of her advice and we did body compositions at the start and end of the 4 months. I lost a whopping 5 lbs, that was it. That is barely 1 pound a month. I was heartbroken. I am so worried I will have it happen again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 1 Day 3

Well cardio 1 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was sweating and my heart rate was definitely up, but it was not over my fitness level. I didn't even get an asthma attack! That is the sign of a doable workout for me. I actually enjoyed it, Jillian is fun and she always has a little motivation comment right when I need it. Its like she can see me, I swear!
My legs are finally recovering from Monday's workout. My thighs were pretty sore all day yesterday. I was not sore from the workout on Tuesday at all. I like the way she has set up the program so that you don't work the same muscle groups two days in a row.
My water intake is slowing down a bit. No particular reason other than I am just not as thirsty as I have been the last two days. I am probably hydrated for once. I am still getting 6 to 7 of the 16 oz water bottles which is good. It also reduces the trips to the restroom, which is better!
Time to talk diet, I had the Greek yogurt breakfast today. It is surprisingly filling and tastes OK as long as I add the Truvia. I know I would not be able to handle it otherwise. It is very thick, like sour cream. Lunch was the salmon and citrus salad again. Yes, that is 3 days in a row and yes, I am getting tired of it. The salmon is great but the salad is the part I am not liking. I may try and change that up a bit tomorrow. I have one more Salmon steak left to eat, in the future I will only make two at once so I don't burn myself out on them. Snack was the hummus and veggies. I really like it but I am getting tired of the bell peppers. I like them but I have eaten nearly 1 per day all week that is more than I usually eat them in six months. Dinner will be the turkey burger and roasted veggies again. This is by far the best meal I have had on the kick start program so far. I will be making them a lot more and the veggies are so yummy!
I added the recipes to my blog today. I have written them as I have eaten them, with the small modifications I have made. I do not eat tomatoes, so I have either omitted them or swapped them out with asparagus. I added the Truvia to the yogurt but that is about it for modifications. I will add some photos this weekend. I have my first weigh in on Sunday and I will take the photos when I do my updated measurements. I am shooting for a big 10 lb loss this week. I know it is unrealistic, but from the way I have been eating in the past and my serious lack of exercise I have a good chance to getting close. My husband says 5 lbs would be as much as I can hope for, time will tell soon enough.
I am looking forward to the weekend, I will be trying some new menu items. Since I work full time and go to school, I do not have the free time during the week for the meals that take longer to prepare. My new menu items are the Spinach Leo breakfast option, chicken and vegetable soup lunch option, celery and almond butter snack option and the steak & salad and talapia & salad dinner options.  After I make them for the first time, I will add them to the recipe list. (with my own variations included) 
I am also going to do a blogger challenge. I am so new to this, I am not sure what to do, but I think it will add one more layer of commitment onto my journey.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 1 Day 2

Well today was pretty good. I did the workout 2 dvd this morning and it wasn't too bad. I worked up a sweat but I was able to keep up.  I am sore in my quads from yesterday's workout and I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I also did a dance basics class at the University. It is a lot of stretching which felt very good for my sore muscles. I do that class twice a week in the afternoons till the end of April.
As far as my diet goes, I had the poached eggs meal with asparagus instead of tomatoes. I do not care for tomatoes, but it was a good swap I think. For lunch I had the salmon salad again. I had left overs from yesterday and not a lot of time, so it was quick and yummy. I cooked my salmon with a little lemon and it compliments the salad nicely. For snack (after dance class) I had the Greek yogurt and pecans. I was out of vanilla so I used maple extract instead and it was really good. I can't stand the flavor so I do add 1 packet of truvia. I know it is a cheat, but a small cheat right!

 I also add 1 or 2 pixie sticks to my water bottles. By "pixie sticks" I mean the artificial sweetener packets like crystal light. I know that is a no no too, but the water at work tastes terrible and I am at least getting my water in that way. For dinner I had the turkey burger and roasted veggies again. It is so good, one of my new favorite recipes. I bought enough to make them two more times. So I will keep that in mind in the future.

I have been keeping track of my calories with an app on my phone and the calories totals differ from what is listed in the book. They are 50 to 100 calories more in the app, as long as I am keeping track, that is the important part.  I am feeling really good right now. Better than I have in a while.

**On a personal note (stop reading if TMI is an issue for you) I need to talk about my bathroom visits. The extra water has made me go a lot and all of the veggies are really taking a toll on my tummy. Nothing too major, but something to be aware of I guess.

I am following a couple of ladies on YouTube that have really been a great inspiration to me and a good support team so far. BL13Kristin and carlys32 are my top 2, although there are more and more people posting every day. I was thinking of doing a vlog too, but I am not sure I am ready for that yet. I will just start small and go with this blog for now. I hope to be adding some pictures soon, I need the hubs to help me out with that one!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 1 day 1

 Today is the first day of the 90 day Body Revolution weight loss program created by Jillian Michael's. I wanted to track a few things online for future use. I am not sure what purpose it will serve more than just my own log of progress, but I am doing it anyway. My meals today were all taken from the 7 day kick start plan. I bought enough food to do this menu for about 2 weeks. Since I am not doing the extra workouts, I am going to stretch the diet a little longer. I had Greek yogurt for Breakfast, Salmon and citrus salad for lunch, hummus and veggies for snack and turkey burgers and roasted veggies for dinner. I drank 8 of the 16 oz bottles of water, that is 128 ounces! That is just about half of my body weight! I have never drank that much water in my life. I have been going to the bathroom every 20 minutes since I got the 4th one down. I did workout #1 this morning at 8 am. It was good, not too hard but I was still sweating like crazy.
I did my start weight and measurements yesterday. There are a lot of different measurements, so I will not post them all, but I will track the inches lost. I will also be honest and say  I am 5'6" tall and I weigh 248 lbs as of yesterday.
I plan on tracking my meals and thoughts on workouts and also my water intake on here just to keep myself honest and to keep my mind on track. I am following a couple people on you tube that are also doing the BR program. Carlys32 and BL13 Kristin are my mentors at the moment! I would love to vlog too, maybe my second set of 90 days I will do that. For now, I am just doing it all on this blog, in a journal at home and in pictures and Jillian's journal.